A content analysis of student characters in educational psychology textbooks

We decided to consult authority voices that could provide specific, theoretical categories against which to offset the categorized data. We show how these dimensions could be adapted to analyze textbooks in cognate disciplines.

These principles came from the overall insights gained from the various strands of interdisciplinary literature and represent an attempt to pin down the essence of what should be considered when analyzing educational texts.

The interpretation of dreams. He describes hermeneutic, contingency and discourse analyses, among others. For example, an examination of recently published books for children found that dependency themes which emphasize helpless behavior for females continue to be commonly used White, App offers comprehensive practice material essential for exam preparation and to score high marks.

Publishers justify not changing their books with the argument that it is not financially possible for them to print fair and unbiased books Olson, I have been sorry to give so masculine a preponderance to the child in this book, but the reason for this mode of expression may be attributable to the peculiarities of our language.

Education and Society, 15, 1. Testing our analytical model on and adapting it for use with educational films, websites or museum exhibitions could become exciting possibilities for future research.

This differentiation is not always seen as negative, however. Also, the themes are so much more appealing when they are presented in narrative rather than, for example, in an information timeline or in a chronological list.

We noticed, as well, that history content presented from a single perspective focused largely on the assumed "perpetrators" of injustices in a macro-sociological way. You can help by adding to it.

From history it derived the subject matter and unit of analysis chapters in history textbooks. Different texts thus mediate memories—in this case historical events in textbooks—in different ways, either allowing a reader to have a "being there" experience, or reporting on events in ways that create a wide distance between readers and events.

List of important publications in psychology

Educational Technology, 19, For example, we noted that there were standard and easily identifiable features to compare across all books.

One researcher has suggested that there is a certain amount of testosterone necessary at puberty in order to fully develop spatial skills, thus indicating that males will necessarily be better at these skills than females Halpern.

Using a sample of textbooks from throughwe explore 24 introductory sociology textbooks to determine the relationship between categories of gender, race, and class and levels of analysis.

An Introduction to Content Analysis [email protected]: Writing Guide books, book chapters, essays, interviews, discussions, newspaper headlines and articles, historical sociology and political science, psychology and cognitive science, and many other fields of.

Gender Bias Essay Examples. 24 total results. Gender Bias in Literature. 2, words. A Content Analysis of Student Characters in Educational Psychology Textbooks. words. 2 pages. A Comparison of Men and Women's Abilities. 2, words. 5 pages. How Gender Impacts on Drug Use. "Cognitive architecture and instructional design," Educational Psychology Review, 10, Terman, Lewis M.

Educational Psychology

(). "The uses of intelligence tests," in The measurement of intelligence (chapter 1). Course Summary This educational psychology textbook replacement course covers all of the topics in a standard educational psychology textbook.

Gender bias in textbooks: a hidden obstacle on the road to gender equality in education analysis of 16 such countries, 14 of them in sub-Saharan Africa (Wils et al. ), revealed two started to systematically document them. They used content analyses of textbooks and other more qualitative methodologies.

Soon the effort to expose and.

A content analysis of student characters in educational psychology textbooks
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